New ‘standard’ in transparent masks for dentists and hygienists launched to improve accessibility

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  Posted by: Dental Design      23rd September 2021

The new Clarity FFP3 facemask is aimed at enhancing communication and inclusivity between colleagues and patients in dental practices

  • New transparent ‘Clarity’ FFP3 mask improves communication between dentists and patients in settings where PPE remains essential.
  • Product sets new standards in protection and certification.
  • Stealth Mask has shipped more than 5 million professional facemasks since 2017.
  • Exports masks and filters to 22 countries around the world used by dentists

The makers of a new transparent facemask which sets new standards in the dental sector are gearing up the production line in expectation of high demand. 

The Clarity FP3 has been launched by Stealth Mask, the UK-based manufacturer of professional grade facemasks and filters.

The company has sold more than 5 million professional-grade facemasks and now exports its products to dentists in 22 countries including the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and Germany.

The new Clarity FFP3, features a transparent anti-fog window to aid communication between colleagues. It also breaks down emotional barriers between dentists and patients. It was developed following reports by clinicians that traditional facemasks make it challenging to communicate clearly with colleagues, elderly patients or people with learning disabilities, hearing impairments or other more complex care requirements.

Clarity is the first transparent FFP3 facemask in the market in the UK, which means it has a minimum total filtration efficiency of 99% and low breathing resistance when in use. The company expects demand to be high as public and private sector dental organisations focus on becoming more accessible and inclusive in their services to deliver better clinical outcomes.

Karl Howard, Managing Director of Stealth Mask, said: “Our masks are aimed at protecting users from harmful contaminants in their professional working environment. The pandemic has highlighted to dentists the importance of accessing PPE to protect their employees from harm – as well as their patients.

“Our new transparent facemask will become the new standard in terms of FFP3 facemasks in dental-related settings. The human advantages it brings in terms of better communication between staff and patients comes at a time when people often feel at their most vulnerable.

“Getting the right balance between maximising the size of the transparent window to easily see facial expressions and protecting the user with the highest level of protection has taken almost a year of research and development, including working alongside the Allied Health Research Unit at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) and focus groups with keyworkers from a range of sectors.

“We’re pleased to have developed it all here in the United Kingdom and we’re proud to be setting new standards in terms of accessible and inclusive PPE equipment for dentists.

“Facemasks have obviously become a major talking point during the past 18 months but the fact remains that their use in healthcare environments will remain and standards and designs will continue to evolve. We’re really proud to be a family-owned manufacturer in the heart of Lancashire with good products that are being used by professionals all over the world.”

David Wood, Sales Director at Stealth Mask, said: “We’ve been in the facemask business since well before the pandemic started so we’ve had a head start on research and development compared to newcomers in the market. Our heritage of designing and developing air filters to the sector also gives us a tremendous advantage and the fact that we’re making them here in the United Kingdom, in the heart of Lancashire, is a sign of trust and quality to the rest of the world.

“During the peak of the pandemic, we were shipping out 100,000 facemasks a week. Since then, public and private sector organisations around the world have established more robust procurement methods to ensure that they aren’t caught short for PPE equipment and facemasks in particular for their employees.

“This has driven up standards and created a demand for professionally certified facemasks and filters which offer the highest levels of protection for employees in dental settings where facemasks are required.”

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