Align Technology announces new education series for iTero Intraoral Scanner


  Posted by: Dental Design      26th October 2021

Align Technology has announced a new professional education event: the iTero Digital Masterclass series, curated to encourage dentists, orthodontists and their teams to fully delve into the unexplored scope of the iTero intraoral scanner’s restorative, diagnostic and orthodontic workflows.

The first iTero Digital Masterclass begins on Saturday November 6 in London, with the second day scheduled for November 20. The second masterclass will be held on December 3 and 4. Over two full days, participants can gain technical knowledge and hands-on experience from professionals who have been using the iTero intraoral scanner: Dr. Paul Abrahams, cosmetic and restorative general practitioner, current President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD), and Dr Jan Einfeldt, UK representative for the orthodontic committee of the International Digital Dental Academy (IDDA).

Dr Abrahams will guide attendees on how to ‘Build a digital practice through restorative efficiencies’ and how to ‘Master their restorative capabilities with the use of iTero scanners’. He will showcase a demo of an end-to-end restorative workflow, share the benefits of scanning from his clinical perspective, as well as troubleshooting issues the dental team might come across. Dr Jan Einfeldt will present a masterclass to help his peers grow their iTero utilisation, explaining how to get the most out of the, a cloud-based portal and its capabilities. He will share some tips and tricks to help navigate through most situations that doctors may come across and highlight the crucial role played by team members in a digitized practice to improve the patient experience that may potentially also increase practice revenue.

Dr Jan Einfeldt

Both speakers have positioned their iTero intraoral scanners at the core of their dental practices. Dr Abrahams explained: “Over a decade has elapsed since I changed my practice set up, and I have learnt that no matter what stage of your career you’re at, the iTero scanner makes a difference to your dentistry offering and helps grow your business. Some doctors might think the iTero intraoral scanner only as an open door to treating patients with the Invisalign system, but there is so much more! I take digital impressions for all my implant and restorative cases. For me, the iTero scanner is a significant device, used also for implant treatments. 

His co-presenter Dr Jan Einfeldt commented: “Today my practice is equipped with two iTero scanners, including the latest iTero Element Plus Series 5D mobile configuration. In terms of patient engagement, the iTero scanner has taken the practice to new levels. When you take patients on a visual tour of their own oral environment and discuss tooth wear, crowding and other issues, they can see with their own eyes. Patients feel empowered and prompt you to offer them solutions like tooth alignment even though it had not on their mind in the first place.”

There will be more to discover at the upcoming Digital Masterclass in terms of first-hand experiences of the iTero scanner’s features, software and inter-connective technology.

The first two sessions that will take place on November 6 and 20, 2021 are being held at Altitude London, on the 29 floor of the Grade II listed Millbank Tower close to the House of Parliament.

Both events are filling up fast, so to book one of remaining limited places per session and for the full agenda, please visit

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