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  Posted by: Dental Design      30th November 2021

Sometimes in life a bit of healthy compromise is necessary. Whether it’s agreeing on a curfew with your teenage child, or sharing out the household chores, some compromise can help move things forward and make life a little smoother. However, there are times when certain trade-offs can hold you back.

Continual compromise in your career can create a recipe for frustration and dissatisfaction. If you are a dental nurse who is yearning for a better work environment, or feeling torn between professional development and parental duties, perhaps now is the time to shake up your career and take back control?

At Colosseum Dental UK we put our people first and know that happy and fulfilled dental nurses means happy and cared for patients. This is why we work hard to provide a full and varied career package, so you can enjoy life without compromise.

Prioritising patient care

As a dental professional we know your patients sit at the heart of all you do. At Colosseum Dental UK you can be confident that you will have the excellent tools, training, clinical facilities and working environment to provide them with the highest standards of care.

Additionally, a new Pastelli uniform will help you to put your best foot forward when treating your patients.

Supporting professional progress

As an ambitious dental nurse, we know that career progression is a huge factor in making you feel satisfied and empowered in your role. We never want you to feel that you have to compromise on reaching your full potential, which is why you will find numerous opportunities for continuous professional development and personal growth with us.

Being a dental nurse might only be the beginning for you, which is why we provide the chance to apply your skills to an alternative area of dentistry and maximise your earning potential. Whether it’s a focus on a specialism, treatment coordination, becoming a practice lead, dental nurse training, or practice management, we’re here to support you in our positive environment guided by the highest standards of clinical governance.

Because we want to do all we can to help you in maintaining your professional requirements we also cover your GDC registration and Indemnity fees, allowing you to concentrate on building your expertise and experience.

Valuing personal life

When you’re not focussed on building your career, we understand the value of your personal life, as well as the responsibilities that come with it.

On top of a competitive salary package, we also offer you a wide range of benefits to help you enjoy life as well as work. These include a workplace nursery, where users can meet their family needs and save tax and NI on up to 100% of fees, as well as an Employee Assistance Programme, Cashplan Scheme, and Pension with employer contribution, for added financial security.

Further benefits such as cycle to work scheme, discounted gym membership, and technology offers help to enhance our career package, while a Reward and Recognition incentive programme provides the chance to earn more and make life a little sweeter!

Secure hours with flexible working options means you can choose what works best for you and your individual circumstances, while your Birthday off and a Holiday Purchase Scheme grant dental nurses increased flexibility in making the most of planned time off.

Don’t settle

Do you feel stuck in your role? Are you working longer, inflexible hours? Is your family time taking a back seat? Stop settling for less and start getting more from your career.

If you are looking for exciting career progression opportunities balanced with a fulfilling personal life, consider joining the Colosseum Dental UK family. Why not get in touch today and have a chat about your options?


For more information, pleases visit https://www.colosseumdental.co.uk/careers/job-opportunities/dental-nurses


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