Dental Nurse uses BSL to share oral health messages at youth club


  Posted by: Dental Design      30th November 2021

CDS Dental Nurse, Sarah Nunn, has visited a youth club and used her British Sign Language knowledge to help share oral health education among children and their families.

Sarah, who is a Level 3 BSL student, was invited by Families of Deaf Children Essex to attend their youth club on 9th November. During the session, Sarah was able to talk and use her British Sign Language knowledge to communicate with the families and hand out toothbrush packs to the children. “The families had at least one member who is deaf, so I gave the information in BSL as well as English. I really enjoyed interacting with the children and their parents. I am currently studying for my Level 3 qualification and in attendance with me at the event were 2 interpreters. I am so proud of where my BSL journey has taken me. It was a great success and I’ve had some lovely feedback from the families that attended. To be able to connect with the deaf community and deliver information about good oral health is all I have ever wanted to achieve”.

Families of Deaf Children (Essex) thanked Sarah for a successful evening: “A big thank you to Sarah Nunn from Community Dental Services for spending time putting packs together to bring to tonight’s youth club. Sarah spent two hours talking and using her British Sign Language knowledge to communicate with our families.”

Sarah is enjoying studying to become Level 3 qualified in BSL. “I have been very fortunate that CDS has enabled me to gain my qualification in British Sign Language Level 1 and Level 2. I have also attended a deaf awareness course and this has enabled me to share knowledge and tips with the wider Essex team. CDS is a referral only dental service treating patients with additional needs who may not be able to communicate verbally, and BSL is one way we can communicate with some patients.  CDS will always book an interpreter for appointments if required, but in additional to their presence I feel my knowledge of BSL has helped me open communication with patients who I personally was unable to be support in this way.  My favourite moment with CDS so far was a little boy who was so excited that he could sign with me. His mother told me that it made the appointment so special for him. I look forward to continuing to learn this skill and share this information with my colleagues.”

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