The ADI thanks its long-serving DCP rep


  Posted by: Dental Design      3rd January 2022

The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) is proud to be the go-to organisation for anything related to dental implants in the UK profession. It has only become the hugely successful association that it is today thanks to the commitment, innovative thinking and time invested by the individuals within it. From general members to committee and board members, so many people have contributed so much over the years to help shape the organisation and ensure it provides the best possible support.

Julia Wilson is one of those individuals who has worked hard behind the scenes – especially over the past few years when there have been many extra challenges to contend with. Julia was the longest reigning DCP Representative, having only very recently stepped down from this role. She shares her journey with the ADI from the very beginning:

“My introduction to the association came in the form of Peter Fairbairn – an ADI Honorary Member and previous Director of Education – who I have enjoyed working alongside for many years. Karen Walker, a previous DCP Representative, encouraged me to first present at the Members’ National Forum in 2015. I went on to lecture at the ADI Team Congress 2017 in London and put myself forward for the role as DCP Representative. It was my first experience on a committee and certainly a position that was out of my comfort zone, although I do like a challenge!

“Encouraged by the rest of the committee, I put myself forward for another term as DCP Representative and won. A further year became possible with an anomalous situation; the role was out of synchronisation with the other committee members, so with an electronic AGM meeting it was decided by the members to extend my term once again.”

During her time in this role, Julia reflects on some of the areas worked on and why they were important to her:

“I was keen to have the dental nurse membership fees reduced so that practice owners could enrol all their staff creating a real team experience, which I feel is of paramount importance in implant dentistry – both for the profession and for patients. For the same reason I worked to freeze membership fees for dental hygienists/therapists.

“With regards to education, I am privileged to have fulfilled moderator and speaker roles at various ADI events from the Members’ National Forum to the Team Congress and ADI theatres at other conferences.

“I feel my main contribution was devising the Edinburgh ADI Team Conference 2019 programme. It was great to be joined by Claire McCarthy who did a fabulous workshop and I was proud to introduce presenter fees for those delivering the DCP programme for the first time. I also thoroughly enjoyed moderating and am now planning the Team Programme for the ADI Team Congress 2022 in Manchester. I also felt that the membership would benefit from a DCP subcommittee, which has now been established; this will be pivotal in organising educational projects for the future. My final moderating and speaking arrangement as ADI DCP Representative was at the most recent Members’ National Forum at the Royal College of Surgeons – encouraged by new ADI president Amit Patel – a special, poignant moment.”

Julia has clearly been very busy during her time on the ADI Committee, dedicating her time to significantly improving the education and support available to DCP members. Her unwavering commitment and out-of-the-box thinking have been appreciated by all her colleagues across the ADI. She adds:

“It has been an honour and absolute pleasure to be part of a special ADI family. I will miss being part of an organisation that continues to be at the forefront of an ever changing and progressive area of dentistry.

“I would also like to mention Juliette Reeves, who was the first ADI DCP Representative and has always been approachable, supportive and a great confidante. Though we are more likely to discuss old Hollywood movie actors and the wonders of the Amalfi Coast when we meet, she has been amazing in supporting me during my role.

“I envisage a great future for the ADI with new DCP Representative Linzy Baker. I felt strongly that after five years it was important for me to step down and pass the baton to someone who would have new ideas and give the role a fresh perspective. I can only predict exciting times ahead for DCPs within the association and I wish Linzy the best of luck!”

The ADI would like to extend congratulations and many thanks to Julia for all of her amazing hard work and dedication to her role, her colleagues and the organisation!

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