Agilio Software Aims to Halve the Time Spent on Dental Compliance With the Launch of iComply NextGen

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  Posted by: Dental Design      31st January 2022

The UK’s market leader in providing technology solutions for the dental care sector, Agilio Software, is launching a new and improved version of its compliance management tool, iComply NextGen. The system is designed to retain its existing robustness and simplify the process to reduce the time dental practices spend on compliance by up to 50%

The launch follows significant investment by the healthcare technology group to advance its existing iComply system. It will introduce a new curation feature for their extensive compliance document library, based on priority levels to meet the needs of dental practices in the UK.

iComply NextGen presents users with their relevant compliance literature, based on importance, assigning each task with a high, medium, or low priority level to reflect the statutory requirements and regulations. The new system has been designed to increase efficiency in the implementation of CQC and HIW regulations and readiness for inspections.

In the development process, the team at Agilio Software utilised their 20 years of experience in dental compliance and their thorough understanding of CQC and HIW demands, having helped dental practices across England and Wales to successfully pass over a thousand inspections.

Alex O’Neill

Alex O’Neill, the Head of Compliance at Agilio Software said: “The ultimate goal for all our software solutions has always been to save the time of health care professionals, so they can focus on providing their patients with the best possible care. We recognise that the last couple of years have proved challenging and the need for efficiencies has significantly increased, and we wanted to reflect that by supporting the dental community in the best way we can.

“After carefully listening and learning from our customers’ feedback, we have allocated substantial resources to advance one of our flagship products, iComply, which resulted in the development of iComply NextGen. We are committed in continuing to support dental care practices through the power of technology and innovation and we believe that iComply NextGen will achieve exactly that.”

Agilio Software is one of the leading healthcare technology groups within the sector. As well as working in dental care, Agilio also operates in primary and secondary care.

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