GSK launches new Corsodyl Gum + Breath & Sensitivity Toothpaste Range


  Posted by: Dental Design      24th February 2022

Corsodyl has announced the launch of its new Corsodyl Gum + Breath & Sensitivity toothpaste range, which is scientifically proven* to target gum problems and bad breath, and helps to protect sensitive teeth[1].

Kate Wearden, Brand Manager for Corsodyl commented: “Bad breath and sensitive teeth are experienced by 46% of gum disease sufferers1, yet many are unaware that these issues could be connected[2]. As the experts in gum health, we are proud to be introducing Corsodyl Gum + Breath & Sensitivity to target the main cause of these problems, allowing consumers to take back control of some of their wider oral health issues.”

The Corsodyl Gum + Breath & Sensitivity range is specially formulated to help target gum problems and bad breath, while also helping to protect sensitive teeth with its unique Stannous & Zinc formulation, which supports healthy gums and helps protect sensitive teeth by removing bacterial plaque from between the teeth. The Pro-Neutra technology in Corsodyl Gum + Breath & Sensitivity toothpaste neutralises the bacteria that causes bad breath, allowing consumers to feel more confident in their oral health.

The new Corsodyl Gum + Breath Sensitivity range consists of two toothpaste varieties, Corsodyl Gum + Breath & Sensitivity Original and Corsodyl Gum + Breath & Sensitivity Whitening.

The new toothpastes launched in Sainsbury’s and Boots in the UK in January 2022, and will be supported by a £3.2m ATL campaign running from July 2022. This campaign includes TV, digital, social, radio, and OOH, and will aim to educate audiences that certain signs of poor oral health, such as bad breath and sensitive teeth, could be related to the health of their gums. Gum problems are relatively widespread yet unnoticed. Therefore, the campaign will encourage viewers, listeners, and readers to take action and protect their oral health.

*with twice daily brushing


[1] CL-392735 approved global claims document

[2] Source: Gum Care U&A 2018. SC15 – Symptoms experienced in L6M

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