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  Posted by: Dental Design      1st March 2022

Sensodyne, the number one dentist recommended toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth[1], is launching a new range for customers experiencing the early signs of sensitive teeth and wanting to be proactive in nourishing their teeth now and for the future*.

Developed to address the needs of customers who want to maintain excellent oral care with the future in mind. The new Sensodyne Nourish range of toothpastes nourish and strengthen teeth with bio-active minerals.

The new Sensodyne Nourish toothpastes will come in two varieties – Sensodyne Nourish Gently Soothing and Sensodyne Nourish Healthy White – and aim to help those experiencing sensitive teeth and looking to take extra care of their oral health.

Sensodyne Nourish Gently Soothing is blended with natural mint and aloe vera extracts for a clean and soothing sensation, while Sensodyne Nourish Healthy White is blended with natural mint and citrus oil for a nourishing and cleansing sensation.

Both varieties are vegan-friendly** and both varieties of Sensodyne Nourish come in fully recyclable packaging (tube, cap and carton), making them kinder to the planet.

Eva Pass, Senior Brand Manager for Sensodyne said: “We know that those first few feelings of sensitive teeth can be unsettling, and customers feel strongly about nourishing their teeth for the future so Sensodyne Nourish has been designed to strengthen and help protect sensitive teeth. There is an important role to play for Sensodyne in providing products that deliver effective solutions and help customers feel more confident about their teeth. What’s more, consumers can feel confident that their toothpaste choice is also reducing their impact on the planet.”

The new Sensodyne Nourish range are now in Boots, supermarkets and other health stores.

*With continued use

** contains no animal products or animal-derived products

[1] 63% of 200 surveyed dentists, 2021. Contact for claim verification.

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