TePe Unveils New Orthodontic Kit

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  Posted by: Dental Design      15th March 2022

Specialist dental products designed for careful cleaning of braces and fixed appliances

Leading oral hygiene brand, TePe, has unveiled a new Orthodontic Kit designed for thorough and careful cleaning of braces and fixed appliances.

The TePe Orthodontic Kit features specialist cleaning products enabling patients to clean all areas of their braces to help keep their teeth and gums healthy. With the kit, brace-wearers can try various combinations and establish a dental cleaning routine best suited to their personal requirements.

Offering an all-in-one solution for brace cleaning needs, TePe’s Orthodontic Kit includes:

TePe Supreme™ – a toothbrush with longer, tapered filaments and a unique two-level filament design, for improved access around brace brackets and under wires.

TePe EasyPick™ – designed for easy cleaning between the teeth. Available in two sizes for bigger or smaller gaps, it can be used as an ‘on the go’ product to remove food debris at any time.

TePe Compact Tuft™ – an angled brush with a dense-rounded head, suitable for precision cleaning around orthodontic brackets, bands and along the gum line.

TePe Interdental Brush™ – manufactured in Sweden using 100% green energy, TePe’s interdental brushes are ideal for cleaning between the teeth, around appliance brackets and under the wire.

TePe Angle™ – with its angled brush head and long handle, the TePe Angle™ is designed to clean narrow to wider gaps between the teeth, where a regular toothbrush is unable to reach.

TePe Orthodontic Wax™ – protects the tongue, lips and cheeks from trauma which can be caused by newly placed appliances and provides temporary protection against damaged or displaced wires until professional assistance is available.

The UK orthodontics market is experiencing significant growth[2]. Each year, in excess of 200,000 children and teenagers in England and Wales receive orthodontic treatment within the NHS[3], while increasing numbers of adults and young people are also seeking treatment on a private basis[4]

The benefits of orthodontic treatment are vast, but it is vital that dental professionals ensure that patients as well as parents of teenagers and children receiving orthodontic treatment understand the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene throughout their treatment.

Kelly Field, Brand Manager at TePe UK, said:

“At TePe, we are committed to developing quality solutions for good oral health and wellbeing. In light of increasing demand for braces and fixed appliances, which require careful and thorough cleaning, we are delighted to introduce our new Orthodontic Kit. Handily presented in a single box, the kit includes  products carefully selected from the TePe range, offering consumers an all-in-one solution for all their brace cleaning needs.”

The TePe Orthodontic Kit (RRP: £9.95) is available for patients to purchase in Superdrug stores nationwide and via TePe Direct.

For more details on TePe products and sustainable initiatives, speak to your local practice relationship manager or visit www.tePe.com/uk.

[3] British Orthodontic Society:


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