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  Posted by: Dental Design      29th April 2022

Oral-B have launched a new replacement head to fit their iO range of electric toothbrushes called Specialised Clean.  It features tufted bristles for cleaning around implants and interdental spaces.  The company asked periodontist, Dr Amit Patel, to try the new head in advance of launch and he found it helped patients access and clean hard to reach areas. Furthermore, he felt “it helped patients improve their oral hygiene around their implants, too”. 

He selected ten implant patients to test-drive the head. Those who were shown evidence of bleeding on probing and inflammation of the peri-implant tissues were then given the Specialised Clean Oral-B iO toothbrush for a period of three months and re-evaluated both clinically and with an open-ended questionnaire to assess improvement (or otherwise).

When re-evaluating the patients after three months, the feedback was positive, and the patients reported that their teeth ‘had never felt cleaner’ and that their gums had felt better with no associated bleeding. 

Dr Patel was encouraged that some patients suggested it was far easier to use the Specialised Clean head in the posterior region interproximally than interdental brushes, especially if they had larger spaces.

Clinically, all patients showed a significant improvement in bleeding on probing around their implants due to the reduction in plaque in these sites.

He concluded that, “On-going periodontal therapy is well supported by patients using the Oral B iO and the Specialised Clean head has a role in the maintenance of their implants”.  If you would like a sample of the new brush head please contact your local Oral-B Territory Manager for more information or call 0870-2421850 or email

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