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  Posted by: Dental Design      23rd August 2022

In recent years, cloud-based practice management solutions have grown in popularity, offering professionals a variety of benefits that help to elevate their practice management to the next level.

In light of this, Carestream Dental has created a new cloud-based patient engagement platform for existing R4+ practice management software users – Patient Bridge.

Created specifically for setting up and maintaining lines of communication between practice and patients, this innovative add-on is an excellent taster of what cloud-based capabilities can achieve for you. 

Easy integration

With just a simple download of a software adaptor onto your current R4+ server, Patient Bridge will synchronise data and allow your practice and enable your practice data to populate. This gives you access to your data wherever and whenever you can load the product onto an active internet browser – meaning you can now access data from your mobile phone or when you’re on the go!

Once data is synchronised, there is an ongoing connection with your R4+ server, keeping data accessible even if your server is turned off. This data updates in near real-time, meaning that you always have a current snapshot of your practice communications. Plus, even if you can’t access your server for any reason, you can still send out patient communications – especially helpful should you experience an IT problem but still want to contact patients due in practice.

Taking your customer care further

Modern dentistry is so much more than just providing a high standard of care. It’s also about standing out from the crowd, creating an excellent customer experience for your patients and ensuring that communication is at the heart of everything you do so that they feel valued and understood.

As you can imagine, this is quite a time-consuming task, and while we would all love to have endless hours in the day to ensure that patients are all receiving the unique, positive experience that we want them to have, in a busy practice this is never going to be the only priority.

Patient Bridge gives you the power to automate your patient communications, as well as access to innovative reputation management tools, a marketing manager and online forms that can be completed by patients in a virtual waiting room – including medical histories, FP17 and a Covid-19 questionnaire. This gives you every tool you need to enhance the patient experience life cycle at every step, from acquisition to continued engagement.

Greater revenue generation and patient growth made easy 

Keeping your practice thriving is a top priority. With Patient Bridge you can recall and reactivate patients with ease, ensuring they are kept in the loop and motivated to continue using your services. They can receive automated communications in their preferred format, including text messages, email, voice messages or direct letter. Effectively utilising the reminder scheduler tools in Patient Bridge, you can significantly reduce your “did not attend rate”, keeping revenue high and patients engaged.

You can create “failed to attend” rules specific to your practice, particular treatments or even individual clinicians. Furthermore, you generate reports detailing no-shows against these same parameters, giving you incredible insight into current business operations.

Patient Bridge automatically sends online review requests to patients post-appointment, encouraging positive feedback that will help boost your practice’s SEO and attract new patients. Additionally, customisable templates help you to create SMS, email or letter campaigns. You can manage GDPR consent, include links to landing pages on your practice website to generate traffic and automatically keep track of patient preferences for communications, which are then saved for future use.

Data security as standard

Patient data security is a top priority. Patient Bridge is a 100% Carestream Dental, and as such you can guarantee that your software will work as intended and that your data is safe.

Carestream Dental holds both ISO27001 & NHS IG Toolkit Level 2 information governance & data security accreditations to give you peace of mind. Plus, Patient Bridge is hosted in a super-secure Microsoft Azure UK data centres that are fully accredited and audited by the NHS.

Embrace the future

Patient Bridge is your key to entering a new world of practice management. A simple update is all it takes, giving you the power to monitor your practice like never before while also ensuring the patient experience is exemplary for every individual.

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Author: Cheryl Hayes, DPMS Regional Product Manager, Europe, Middle East & Africa

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