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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th September 2022

Does your practice have an action plan for what could be tough economic times ahead? Since the end of 2021, rising inflation has dominated the headlines, and everything is costing more.

For dentists, the primary concern will be whether patients reassess if they need the treatment being proposed, or can afford to go to the dentist at all. The cost of quality dentistry is an issue that predates the current crisis and the problem of millions of people in the UK being unable to access NHS services won’t be solved by the industry alone.[i]

You may be spending more on consumables if your suppliers have put their prices up. There will also be your energy bills, the impact of rising National Insurance on employees… the difficult question many practices will be asking is if they need to pass these costs on to their patients. For people who have been loyal for many years, paying a little bit extra might be something they are happy to do, in order to receive the best care from a team they trust. So increasing your price list may not make too much of a dent in your numbers, if at all. Perhaps now is the time to gather opinions on this, if forecasts show you could be feeling the squeeze by the end of the year.

The challenge is to continue running a profitable, productive practice and delivering successful treatment plans, tailored to each patient to keep them in good oral health. By offering dentistry that is preventive and conservative, and clinical outcomes that endure, people will ultimately need to visit the dentist less. They will also appreciate how to reduce their risk of disease, by carefully following your guidance and advice. Modern practices will educate and empower them, so they know how to maintain their own health and wellbeing and understand their critical role in any treatment’s long-term stability. Exceptional dentistry means healthier patients who won’t require your services frequently – the ultimate good-value option.  

Some treatments are expensive, though, in that they do represent a significant financial commitment. What professionals must do is ensure they offer anyone who is wavering all the encouragement and support to go ahead, particularly if the outcome could be life changing – physically and emotionally.

As a solution to a missing tooth or teeth, implant therapy is a long-term one that is an excellent use of resources, including the patient’s investment. With good at-home care and regular inspections, a dental implant can last for many years; functioning and looking just like the real thing, making them highly desirable. Anyone worried about the affordability of implant treatment should be reassured that it is a cost effective choice, as well as offering many clinical advantages over removable prostheses.

More than any other area of dentistry, implant therapy is a whole team effort and patients should feel well looked after from day one. This isn’t about ‘place and go’, it is a treatment journey. To achieve this, the implant team must give people all the tools they need, including the knowledge and information, to ensure their whole experience is excellent value for money and gives a good result. For example, to optimise patients’ oral hygiene before and after surgery, they can recommend high-quality products, such as Curasept Implant Pro oral rinse, available from J&S Davis. Used under the guidance of a professional, Implant Pro contains DNA, to reduce the risk of inflammation of the oral mucosa and to stimulate the repair and regeneration of gingival tissues. Also hyaluronic acid, which is hydrating on the mucous membranes to assist with wound healing. Alcohol-free, it has anti-plaque, anti-bacterial protection with 0.20% chlorhexidine gluconate, also the patented Anti Discolouration System (ADS) to ensure a minimal risk of staining and discolouration that can be associated with CHX products.

Only recommending the best adjunctive products, that work and are pleasant to use, also cuts down on unnecessary expenditure on stock that neither you nor your patients want. It’s about preparation: identifying what is needed and will give genuine added value to treatment plans. If people have chosen you, you want to make their time (and money) worth it.

It is possible for dentistry to be both cost-effective and gold standard. Although price is not the only factor people use when considering if (and where) to have treatment, everyone wants good value. In implant cases, added value means more comfort, more care, and more ways to keep the outcome beautifully maintained. The net result is an investment that pays for itself, over and over. Focus on service, use the whole team and recommend the very best products, to make your implant patients feel special, and know that you are there to support them in a lifetime of oral health.  


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[i] England: Fixing NHS Dentistry impossible without real reform. BDA, 3 May 2022. Link: (accessed June 2022).

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