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  Posted by: Dental Design      3rd April 2024

PREVENT GEL from TANDEX, used with their range of FLEXI interdental brushes, is a great product to recommend to patients with additional oral care needs due to diabetes. Increased risk of periodontal disease makes interdental cleaning an important part of daily oral care.[i]

Not only does TANDEX have the right tools to maximise oral health for people with diabetes, they have helpful FLEXI Educator tools to assist patients in understanding the need for interdental care.

PREVENT GEL from TANDEX includes many of the minerals and enzymes diabetic patients need due to impaired saliva production. FLEXI interdental brushes are easy to use and effective, making a great choice for sustainable, ethical care with all the comfort, affordability and convenience patients need.

Find out more about how PREVENT GEL from TANDEX, used with their range of FLEXI interdental brushes can benefit patients.


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Our products are also available from CTS Dental Supplies


[i] Preshaw PM, Alba AL, Herrera D, Jepsen S, Konstantinidis A, Makrilakis K, Taylor R. Periodontitis and diabetes: a two-way relationship. Diabetologia. 2012 Jan;55(1):21-31. doi: 10.1007/s00125-011-2342-y. Epub 2011 Nov 6. PMID: 22057194; PMCID: PMC3228943.

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