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  Posted by: Dental Design      15th April 2024

Bad breath is caused by a number of factors, from poor oral health to periodontal disease and infection. Even the food and drink we consume plays a role.

Relieve patients of their halitosis worries by recommending the 12-Hour Fresh Breath Oral Rinse from The Breath Co, an effective solution that combats oral malodour with the natural pathogen fighting power of oxygen.

By directly attacking the source of bad breath and neutralising it, patients can be confident for up to 12 hours, with all signs of halitosis kept at bay.

Instead of malodour, patients can have breath that smells of mild or icy mint, dependent on their preference. Either solution is impressively effective, without any burning sensation or the presence of alcohol.

To learn more about how The Breath Co keeps your patients’ bad breath under complete control, contact the team today.


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