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  Posted by: Dental Design      19th May 2024

Empowering patients with personalised and pertinent information is just a click away with Kiroku Docs.

Educating patients is a core part of modern collaborative care, and of obtaining informed consent. Kiroku Docs enables clinicians to create any documentation needed to help patients gain the knowledge they need to understand their options for treatment.

Powered by AI, the system automatically converts Kiroku notes into any number of customisable documents. Patient information letters, treatment plans, consent forms and referral letters can be created in an instant.

Clinicians have full control over the level of complexity of the language used, ensuring the information is appropriately delivered to each recipient. Instant conversion from notes to documents enables clinicians to spend more time discussing treatment and oral health advice with patients.

Find out more about how Kiroku Docs can help you communicate with patients today.


To find out more about Kiroku, or to start your free trial, please visit trykiroku.com

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