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  Posted by: Dental Design      20th May 2024

Interdental cleaning is a crucial aspect of every oral hygiene routine. Removing the build-up of bacteria in between the teeth helps patients to keep their mouths healthy, prevent disease, and reduce any bad odours. Consistent motivation and encouragement is key for helping patients to clean interdentally every day, providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to carry out effective cleaning.[i] Conventional tooth brushing is simply unable to reach the interdental spaces, and is less effective for patients who have orthodontic appliances, for example, so it’s important to provide each patient with the unique recommendations they need to improve their oral hygiene.

Making it easy

Some patients may be put off by the recommendation that they floss, associating the practise with fiddly and time-consuming cleaning, which can be very difficult for many people. As such, it’s important to discuss the various options for interdental cleaning with patients, and find the best solutions for them. While traditional string floss is able to fit in between the teeth and clear away some of the bacteria, it cannot reach every surface of the interdental space.[ii] It might remain a good option for the anterior teeth for some patients, as string floss can only clean the surfaces which have a uniform shape. However, this makes much of the bacteria unreachable when cleaning in between the posterior teeth.

Interdental brushes from Curaprox are a fantastic option for many patients, allowing them to easily move the brush in and out of the interdental spaces and thoroughly remove bacteria, plaque, and debris. For the best results, assist patients in finding the right size brush for each interdental space, providing a sizing chart to help them keep track of the best brushes to use in each area of the mouth.

Implants, braces, and oral appliances

Curaprox interdental brushes are also a great choice for patients who are undergoing or have undergone dental treatments. For example, those with fixed orthodontic appliances are likely to find it difficult to clean in between their braces and their teeth, with plaque and debris building up over time. Interdental brushes can allow them to eliminate this, easily cleaning the areas which are traditionally difficult to reach.[iii] It’s vital to maintain excellent oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment, to help achieve the best possible results, and to reduce the risk of disease in the teeth and gingiva.

Similarly, interdental brushes can be very helpful to clean around dental implants and oral appliances such as bridges. Removing bacteria is essential for reducing the risk of peri-implantitis and periodontitis, respectively, in these cases.

Be kinder to the environment

CPS interdental brushes from Curaprox are the ideal solution for patients looking to improve their oral hygiene. The brushes feature super-fine, extra-long, ultra-resilient filaments, which offer effective and gentle cleaning with a single brush action. Available in a wide range of sizes, the CPS range has the right interdental brushes for everyone – including those with natural teeth, implants, narrow spaces, larger spaces, crowns, and bridges – making interdental cleaning simple.

What’s more, the CPS range of interdental brushes uses the Curaprox Click System, which makes daily oral hygiene routines kinder to the planet. Interdental brush heads are available in environmentally friendly refill packs, which work with all Curaprox interdental brush holders. Patients need simply click the old brush head away, and click the new brush head on. This means that the handle can be used again and again – a convenient solution for less waste.

And, as brush head refills are compatible across all Curaprox handles, patients have the freedom to choose the best solution for them. This includes the choice between a long or a short handle, enabling them to access those hard-to-reach spots in the mouth. 

Effective interdental cleaning for all

Maintaining a clean mouth is essential for staying healthy and preventing dental problems in the long term. As such, it’s important to explain the significance of interdental cleaning to each patient, and ensure they feel comfortable carrying it out daily, as part of their routine. Curaprox interdental brushes are the ideal solution, offering all patients an easier and more sustainable option for interdental cleaning.


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