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  Posted by: Dental Design      1st June 2024

The Gentle Guide to Oral Health and Human Happiness, the new book about prevention from Curaden, is out now. Curaden understands that prevention is a necessity, particularly as we are now living in a world in which health and wellbeing are valued highly.

Oral health has a significant impact on individuals’ systemic health. To support both, dental professionals must respond with prevention for the long-term health and happiness of their patients.

Over 40 dental professionals contributed to The Gentle Guide, sharing their experiences of preventative dentistry, and the effects that it has on their patients. The book offers coaching and motivational tips to help professionals encourage preventative behaviours in their patients, and information to raise patients’ awareness of their oral health and microbiome, helping them to better understand their own situation.

The Gentle Guide to Oral Health and Human Happiness is available to download here:

For more information, please visit and 

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