Smile Oral Health Matters presents: Lifelong support for implant maintenance with Kathryn Mayo and Jenny Walker (NSK Podcast)

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  Posted by: Dental Design      3rd June 2024

Dental therapist Jenny Walker and hygienist Kathryn Mayo have years of experience of working with dental implant patients between them. This has led to the development of their special interest in the management of peri-implant disease and periodontitis, as well as their participation in the adolopment working group panels for the S3 peri-implant disease treatment guidelines.

In a recently released NSK podcast, Kathryn and Jenny give a fascinating insight into their working lives. Jenny is based in a peri-implant disease referral centre and Kathryn works in private practice and as a clinical supervisor running an implant maintenance clinic for Manchester University BSc undergraduate students.

Always engaging and informative, Kathryn and Jenny discuss how the increased demand for dental implants has also led to a marked increase in cases of peri-implant disease.

They stress the need for a teamwork approach to implants and the importance of ensuring that patients are fully informed before they embark on their implant journey. They highlight the importance of lifelong supportive care for implant patients, pointing to the fact that patients who have supportive care have around 50% less chance of developing peri-implant disease.

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Highlights of the podcast include:

  • Why regular monitoring is key to finding any early signs of peri-implant disease as well as ensuring the longevity of the implant.
  • Managing patients who are ‘periodontally susceptible’ and the importance of establishing the reasons why a patient has lost a tooth or multiple teeth.
  • How and why hygienists and therapists should take a staged approach to implants.
  • The management of risk factors and effective biofilm control.
  • Why air polishing with the correct powder selection is a highly efficient and comfortable method of disrupting biofilm.
  • When treating peri-implantitis, the risk versus benefit of using ultrasonic devices.
  • The growing evidence that oral biofilm triggers an inflammatory response around natural teeth and implants that can affect distal sites in the human body.
  • An outline of the practice protocol Jenny and Kathryn have developed to manage and support implant patients for the long term.

Looking to find out more about comprehensive implant supportive management?

On Saturday 2 November join Jenny Walker and Kathryn Mayo in Stevenage, North London for ‘Comprehensive Implant Supportive Management’ – a full day of lectures and hands-on sessions exploring the principles of managing and supporting patients throughout their implant journey from a dental hygiene perspective. For full details and to book visit

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